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I think this may be a sign that there’s something wrong with the way schools teach.  At my school at least, the administration was ridiculous with their expectations.  I was lucky enough to have the most amazing teachers ever.

Anonymous asked: I feel so numb lately, tomorrow im gonna talk with the doctor. Probably gonna get pills but im not sure if i want them.. I had many problems in my past not a single day in my life ends beautiful since i know myself. I used to think about ending everything but somehow i could resist this sweet thought i dont know how to go on I hate it to fake my smile the hole time to pretend that all is ok :') maybe you can tell me a good song, its all i have, music. sorry for my bad english, have a nice day <3

I’m so sad to hear that, I hope the doctor can give you the help you need. Remember, if the doctor prescribes you anything, it means that (s)he thinks that you need it and that it could help you, so please take them, you never know, they could make you feel at least a bit better. Please don’t ever have thoughts of ending it, trust me, there’s always something in your life that is worth living for, whether its your closest ones, or just yourself. Live for yourself, so that one day, you can look back on life and be proud of what you have achieved. Everyone is perfect just that in their own original, unique ways. I hope this song makes you feel better about yourself. Stay strong <3 xoxo  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUGJ02Uc8yA

Anonymous asked: Your beautiful,never forget it ❤️

Thank you, I’m sure you are too <3 

Anonymous asked: so i feel scared. i'm always scared to lose people i love, also i'm just sad about the thing that i feel like i love people more than they love me.

 That feeling is common, and unfortunately, sometimes true. I wish I could tell you if it is in your situation, but right now all I can do is tell you that depending on others is dangerous. People are heartless, they leave when you need them most, and so its important that you believe in yourself and have faith in yourself so that one day, when someone does leave, you know that you can be strong and you can get through it because all you need it yourself. xoxo